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How to hide your email on iPhone with iOS 15

Among the list of iOS 15 features, there is the new Hide My Email feature, which aims to improve users’ privacy and security. Hide My Email allows users to create unique and random email addresses to use with apps, websites and services instead of their personal email IDs.

Therefore, your personal email ID remains private and this reduces newsletters, unnecessary spam, ads and promotions.

The Hide My Email feature can be used to create a new account on an app, sign up for a newsletter or even send an email to an unknown person. So, how does the feature work and how to use it? Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s Hide Email feature.

How Hide Email Works in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

There are two ways to use Hide My Email – Sign in with Apple and iCloud +.

And with the Sign in with Apple option, you can generate a random email address right inside the supported third-party website or app.

On the other hand, the iCloud + option allows you to create multiple random addresses, right on your device, in Safari or the iCloud website, as you like, and you can then use them anywhere as you need.

You should be aware that all generated addresses are unique and that they all forward to your personal email account and that you can read, send or reply to an email using the randomly generated email address without revealing your personal email account.

Using Hide My Email is pretty simple, and if you’re creating a new account on a website that supports Sign in with Apple, you can use randomly generated email addresses, and on iCloud+, you first create a random email address that can then be used with Any application, website or service.

The best part about randomly generated email addresses is that you are in complete control of them, and you can change them or even stop forwarding messages to stop receiving messages on your personal account.

How to enable Hide My Email on iPhone and iPad

1. Open the Settings app and tap on your name at the top

2. Tap on the iCloud option

3. Now, click on Hide my email

4. Then click on the “+ Create New Address” icon to generate random addresses

5. Press the Continue button and then enter a label for your new email address

6. You can also leave a note for the email address you create.

You are hiding my email is now ready to use.

How to deactivate an email address created with Hide My Email

1. Open Settings and head over to iCloud Settings by tapping on your Apple ID name at the top

2. Tap on Hide my email and then tap on the email address you want to deactivate

3. Find the option to deactivate email address and tap on it

You should be aware that once you deactivate your email address, you will no longer be able to use the application or website to which it was linked.