Iman El-Sharif: Continuing trade links without interruption is the most important goal of the Egyptian-British trade agreement

Iman Al-Sharif, General Secretary of the Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce in London, said that the most important characteristic of the trade agreement between Egypt and the United Kingdom after its exit from the European Union, is that it aims mainly to complete commercial ties without interruption or causing any tension in trade exchange between the two countries, so the negotiations were keen to repeat Many articles of the agreement between the European Union and Egypt as much as possible, pointing out that trade between Egypt and Britain did not stop even during the completion of the paperwork on both sides.

Al-Sharif added, in exclusive statements to Al-Ahram Gate, that the trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom represents Britain’s exit from the Union after remaining in it for more than 40 years, thus creating a new model for dealing between the European bloc and an outgoing country. From a part of an entity to a neighboring state, and this required many legislative changes, not only on the commercial level, to suit the new situation.

The General Secretary of the Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce in London explained that with regard to commercial exchange in agricultural commodities, it was necessary to take into account the size of the British market, compared to the size of the European market when setting the terms of the Egyptian-British agreement, and this led to some changes in quotas in proportion to supply and demand based on To do business in the past years.

Iman Al-Sharif confirmed that Britain intends to maintain the differential treatment with countries that benefit from this treatment with the European Union.

Al-Sharif indicated that the Corona pandemic is currently one of the biggest obstacles facing trade exchange, but due to the fact that the growth rate of Egypt’s GDP in the first quarter of 2020 recorded 5%, this heralds the return of the numbers to what they were before the Corona, and on the one hand. The British side, it is very keen to create trade relations and new markets while preserving the old markets, especially when it is a rich market in number like Egypt.

It drew General Secretary of the Chamber The Egyptian-British trade in London, that after the trade changes that occurred in the recent period, it became clear that the African market and Africa as a trade bloc may receive special attention from the whole world, especially the United Kingdom in the coming period, and due to Egypt’s genius position between the two continents, Egypt is the main gateway to Africa From a commercial and industrial point of view of all kinds, such as agricultural manufacturing.

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