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In the fall, eat carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, and white radish

Eating carrots, pumpkin, cabbage and white radish in the fall A healthy diet plays an important role in strengthening the body’s immunity against viral diseases, especially eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

Autumn is considered a season for cold and flu diseases, as a number of seasonal epidemics spread in its atmosphere.

We can anticipate this period and prepare for it by protecting ourselves, using warm cotton clothes, and following a healthy, seasonal diet.

Dr. Mukhtar Fatih Bey Deli, a specialist in pediatrics at Medical Park Hospital in the Turkish state of Izmir, offers a set of advice during this transitional period.

Corona .. 10 tips to strengthen the immune system in the fall In conjunction with the growing fears of the spread of a second wave of the Corona virus, especially with the increase in the number of infections and the number of deaths breaking the one million barrier around the world, talk about strengthening and strengthening the immune system in the fall has become an immediate health necessity. 12.10.2020 For indoor use, infographic infographic infographic infographic

B Daily said, that after entering the mild autumn season with its cold breezes after successive heat waves in the summer, we may neglect ourselves a bit to be surprised that we or the children have colds and colds, or a simple and severe flu at one time.

He added, “As a result, some are concerned about infection with the Corona virus and other seasonal viral diseases whose symptoms are similar to those of colds and influenza.”
Here are the tips given by Dr. B. Daily:

1- Adapt to the weather in the cold and sometimes rainy autumn, in which the day becomes shorter and the night is longer, so you must focus on yourself and get enough sleep, and wear clothes appropriate for the weather.

2- Follow a healthy seasonal diet, where a healthy diet plays an important role in strengthening the body’s immunity against viral diseases, such as eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, E and zinc.

Among the seasonal greens that are useful for immunity: carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, cabbage rich in vitamin C, and white radish useful for coughing, sore throat, blood pressure and other diseases.

3- Drink plenty of water and hot drinks, especially herbal ones such as ginger, to keep the body hydrated and relieve symptoms of various allergies, and tea and coffee should be reduced, specifically on an empty stomach.

4- Doing exercise, because during the autumn season, many people prefer to stay in warm places, so you must go out to nature and take advantage of the sun’s rays that help the body secrete vitamin D, and exercise such as walking for at least 30 minutes a day.

5- Organizing bathing times for your children, and this should not be in the morning before going to school or at night if the weather is cold, with no exposure to very cold air currents, especially after showering and after exercising, taking care to dry the head and body well.

6- Paying attention to personal hygiene well, so that we must get used to ourselves and teach our children to wash hands after each handshake, and be careful not to touch the face, eyes and nose, and wash the eyes with water upon returning from the outside or clean them with warm compresses.