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Including a notary and a border guard officer Integrity handles a number of criminal cases

The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority announced that it has initiated a number of criminal cases during the last period, and the legal procedures against the accused are being completed.

The main issues were as follows:

First issue: stop a notary; For obtaining an amount of 4.4 million riyals through his “arrested” brother in exchange for illegally emptying two lands as a “gift” for a “detained” businessman and his sister without the knowledge of their father, the owner of the two lands.

The second issue: The arrest of a retired brigadier general from the border guards, for obtaining 10 million riyals in installments; For, during his period of work in the committee concerned with the border sanctuary in one of the regions, he accepted compensation requests for (15) citizens (detained) for large areas of lands that were illegally owned and that do not meet the conditions, with his knowledge of this, and a number of them were compensated for them.

Third issue: Suspending an engineer working as the mayor of one of the governorates for obtaining an amount of 350 thousand riyals from a businessman in exchange for issuing fake certificates for the benefit of his commercial entity at an amount of 435,000 riyals and signing certificates of completion related to them to disburse the financial dues.

Fourth case: The arrest of a citizen in flagrante delicto in one of the governorates, the moment he received an amount of 12.5 thousand riyals out of 32 thousand riyals, in exchange for canceling (16) violations registered by a company with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Fifth issue: Suspension of (9) operators at the Ministry of Health and (6) resident brokers; For obtaining sums of money in exchange for modifying the health status of a number of immunized citizens without receiving the Corona vaccine.

Sixth case: Suspending a resident working as a lecturer at a university; For obtaining an amount of 2000 riyals from a university student in exchange for his assistance in passing a test for two subjects.

Seventh case: The arrest of two residents in flagrante delicto; They presented them to a bank employee an amount of (3) riyals for every (1,000) riyals deposited in cash, in return for not informing the competent authorities. An amount of 199,000 riyals was found in their possession, and investigations revealed that the total cash amounts previously deposited were 7.5 million riyals.

Eighth case: Suspension of an employee working in the municipality of a region, a citizen and a resident (intermediaries); For obtaining sums of money from the owners of a number of shops, totaling 132.35 thousand riyals, in return for ignoring the violations that the municipality employee monitored on those shops.

The ninth case: Suspension of an employee working in the Employment Department of a general hospital in one of the regions; For having requested an amount of 13,000 riyals, he received 1,000 riyals from a female citizen in return for hiring her and her sister in the hospital.

Tenth case: two residents suspended; For offering a sum of 28,000 riyals to a security man in exchange for removing the name of one of them from the list of stopping services.

Eleventh case: Suspension of two employees working in the municipality of one of the regions; For obtaining a sum of money in exchange for canceling a violation of not wearing a mask for a resident working in a car repair shop.

Twelfth issue: In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, a security man and a resident of one of the regions were arrested; For having formed a gang formation through which they locate and arrest workers violating the residency system, and obtain money from them in exchange for their release.

Thirteenth case: Suspension of an employee working in the field committee of the border campus in one of the regions; For having seized land and illegally extracted a temporary deed on it.