Karam Gabr: Egypt is ready for all scenarios related to the Renaissance Dam

Karam Gabr, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, confirmed that the meeting organized by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation regarding the Renaissance Dam is the tenth meeting, and all issues were discussed, indicating that the meeting was in the presence of the Minister of Irrigation, and it was agreed that there would be a permanent media committee. To deal with the issue of the Renaissance Dam.

He added, during an intervention with the journalist Sherif Amer on the program “Happening in Egypt”: “The Minister of Irrigation stressed during the meeting that Egypt has all solutions to deal with all scenarios of the Renaissance Dam even if the filling is fully completed, and Egypt has built an infrastructure that can cope with the filling, by filling a lake. The High Dam, rationalizing consumption and rehabilitating canals, and Egypt has been preparing since 2015 for that crisis, and all parties are dealing and coordinating to deal with this crisis. “

He said: “The Ethiopian side is watching for every word that comes out from the Egyptian side, and the minister talked about the stages of negotiations since its inception in 1992 and the 2010 agreement, and the start of building the Renaissance Dam, and all our questions were answered within the meeting, and the Ethiopian side does not have a water or electricity crisis, but rather desires. In a new reality in the region. “

He continued: “The minister spoke about the committees formed to confront the crisis, and said that Egypt recognizes Ethiopia’s right to development projects and the Nile water, and Egypt helps African countries implement development plans.”

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