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Legendary ceremony to honor Al Hilal by winning the Asian title in Al-B

Yesterday, Wednesday, the General Entertainment Authority organized an international celebration to honor Al Hilal Club after the club’s first football team crowned the 2021 Asian continental title for the fourth time and qualified for the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi.

Al Hilal fans lived a splendid carnival atmosphere to celebrate the Asian Championship in Riyadh City Boulevard within the Riyadh season, which carried the slogan “Imagine More” for the current season, where the crowning of Al Hilal with the AFC Champions League title added a lot of joy and pleasure to its activities to translate the true meaning of this slogan.

The activities began with the “Ardah” before the Al Hilal players entered the entertainment authority’s celebrations stage in the Boulevard area via an open bus.

The Boulevard area in Riyadh was painted blue in rejoicing at this historic victory for Hilal at the top of the Asian football, as the area was crowded during the Riyadh season with a large crowd in attendance, during which it interacted with the legendary party, where the throats sang with blue chants and the sound of fireworks resounded in the sky of the region with joy and pride in this great achievement.

A group of singing stars in the Arab world participated in the ceremony, which was held under the name “Celebration of the Leader of Asia”, “Mohammed Abdo, Rashid Al Majid, Rashid Al Faris, Mazal Farhan, Asala.”

Al Hilal crowned the AFC Champions League title in football by winning the final match against South Korean Pohang 2-0, last Tuesday evening, at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh.

Al-Hilal became the most crowned club in the first level competition for clubs in Asia, by winning its fourth and second title in the last three years.