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Pay attention to your children from Instagram – here are the most important tips

Many parents may be starting to rethink their own rules for their children’s social media use, after former Facebook content chief Frances Hogan heard before the US Congress on Tuesday in which she criticized the work of Blue and the photo program Instagram.

The matter became more urgent after Hogan indicated that the bullying and mental health problems caused by social media sites warn that they may also be a cause of addiction.

She also indicated that she feels a bad psychological state when using Instagram, stressing that adolescents do not have good self-regulation, and therefore the protection of children has become an urgent need, as she put it.

some advices

While the impact of the former official’s testimony is not yet known, a report published by the American newspaper “Washington Post” conveyed some important advice that parents can do in order to ensure the health of their children while using communication applications, especially the photo application.

The advice emphasized that blocking all applications and accounts on social media is not a good solution, because teenagers may find other ways to access their accounts, and hence the best solution is for parents to wait until the age of 13 before registering any accounts for their children, with reference to The necessity of early education about “social media” and its benefits and harms.

Attention is necessary

The report also pointed to the need to limit the hours of daily use, as well as to monitor the content that children or adolescents follow, and to direct them to the dangers of some of it.

There is also an emphasis on educating parents and reading the platform’s content instructions before using them so that they are able to protect their children.

The development of alternative plans for social media is also of great importance, such as entertainment programs or dating friends, which relieves the pain of the psychological impact of the “social media” vacuum.

Also, allow them to start with only a few followers, such as family members or close friends.

It is also necessary to talk to your children daily about what they are doing online, condition them to access social media, ask them what news they hear about, help them understand what is real and what is not, and teach them how to watch everything on social media including In it companies themselves with a critical eye.

leaked secrets

It is noteworthy that Hogan, who was leaked during the past week, testified many of the secrets of the media giant, before Congress, stressing that Facebook pursued a policy of misinformation. “Through my work, I’ve discovered that Facebook is doing harm to young people and harming democracy,” she added, yesterday before the Senate.

She also confirmed that the company takes information from the public and from governments, and has misled the public about many topics. And she considered that the giant company, whose profits are estimated in billions, works in the shadows, and often changes its work laws, adding that no one outside Facebook realizes how dangerous it really is as those who work or work inside.

“hiding behind walls”

In addition, she stressed that the giant of communication sites is hiding behind walls, and seeks to ensure that no one understands the reality of his system.

She accused Zuckerberg, saying that the founder of the “blue site” is aware of the thoughts of the algorithms used by the site, and therefore things cannot happen without his knowledge. She added that Facebook was aware of the danger of its mechanism of action on children.

It is worth noting that this testimony yesterday constituted a third blow to Facebook within days, after the first leak, and then the huge outage that hit the company on Monday evening and lasted for hours.

There are a number of apps you can install and run to monitor your children’s social media activities. You can use parental controls on smartphones to limit how much time they spend on YouTube, set the router to cut off WiFi at certain hours, or use a service like Bark. To get alerts if they share or encounter dangerous content.