President of “Upper Egypt Electricity”: connecting the electric current to reclaim 40 thousand feddans in Toshka

Engineer Sami Abu Warda, head of the Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company, confirmed that the company supervised the electric current connection project to reclaim 40,000 feddans in the southern valley in Toshka, at a value of LE92 million.

Abu Warda added, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day,” that the total electrical loads that were connected to reclaim 40,000 feddans amounted to 50 MVA, pointing out that the project was completed last October.

Abu Warda added that the total cost of developing electricity distribution networks in Aswan Governorate amounted to approximately 1244 million pounds, confirming that the development plan was funded through the ambitious and autonomous plan and the overhead line replacement plan.

Abu Warda explained that the implementation of the ambitious state-funded plan to develop electricity distribution networks during the period from 2017 to June 2020 was completed, at a cost of 480 million and 539 thousand pounds, explaining that the self-development plan of Upper Egypt in the Aswan governorate amounted to 123 million pounds.

Abu Warda pointed out that the replacement of overhead lines with ground cables has been completed for 124 operations, with a total cable length of 44 km, with a total value of 45 million and 493 thousand pounds.

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