Prices of iron and cement today, Thursday 4-3-2021 in Egypt

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We publish the prices of iron and cement during the trading today, Thursday, which witnessed a state of stability today, as a ton of iron recorded between 13 thousand and 300 pounds, to 13 thousand and 700 pounds as a maximum, while the price of cement ranged between 760 To 835 pounds, in the local market.

Here are the details of today’s steel prices and cement prices today

The price of Ezz Steel is 13,700 pounds.

The price of an iron with tea is 13,500 pounds.

The price of porter iron is 13450 pounds.

The price of Al-Marakibi steel is 13,300 pounds.

The price of Egyptian iron is 13,500 pounds.

The price of the decimal iron is 13450 pounds.

The price of Egyptian Steel is 13,300 pounds.

The price of Maadi iron is 13,300 pounds.

The price of “Al-Fahd” cement, 768 pounds.
The price of Lafarge for “special” cement is 780 pounds.
Sinai cement prices 760 pounds.
Suez cement prices 833 pounds.
Helwan cement price is 835 pounds.
Egypt cement prices, Beni Suef, 785 pounds.

Swedish cement prices are 815 pounds.

Al-Mumtaz cement prices 785 pounds.

Military cement price is 755 pounds.

Helwan cement price is 835 pounds.

The price of reinforced cement is 825 pounds.

Nasr cement prices are 800 pounds.

Renaissance cement prices are 755 pounds.

According to the data of the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Egypt’s production of iron ranges from about 7.9 million tons, and from billet the raw material for iron manufacturing is about 4.5 million tons, while the import rate of billet reaches about 3.5 million tons.

The Federation of Egyptian Industries is one of the largest organizations of business owners in Egypt as it includes 19 industrial chambers in its membership and represents nearly 102,000 industrial establishments, 90% of which belong to the private sector, employing more than 2 million workers, in addition to the industrial sector’s contribution of about 18% of National economy.

Since its inception, the Union has been carrying out its responsibilities towards the industrial sector in Egypt through continuous support.

Iron and cement prices witnessed a state of stability in the markets during today’s trading.

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And rates Iron and cement prices during trading yesterday, Wednesday.

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