Rights of Representatives: Egypt has witnessed advanced steps in the human rights file over the past 6 years

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MP Tariq Radwan, Chairman of the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives, said that the report of the Technical Secretariat of the Permanent Supreme Committee for Human Rights today on the occasion of the anniversary of the International Day of Social Justice, was an expression of the reality of the internal situation in Egypt in this regard by addressing the most important national efforts to achieve social justice from a human rights perspective .

He explained that Egypt in the past six years has taken an advanced step after recent years witnessed a fundamental shift in the state’s view of social protection from the relief perspective, which was limited to merely assisting the most vulnerable groups in society to the development perspective that seeks to enhance the economic and social rights of citizens, chiefly The right to development, by empowering them and working to expand their options and enhancing their various capabilities by adopting various legislations, policies and programs.

Radwan indicated that the presidential initiatives of a decent life and decent housing have contributed to providing basic needs that represent the core of the human rights of a broad group in the Egyptian state, who are low-income people.

The Chairman of the Human Rights Committee praised the significant growth in the volume of spending on social protection programs in Egypt, and the government’s relentless efforts to limit the repercussions of the Corona pandemic on the most needy groups covered in the report.

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