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Samsung is trying to prove that its foldable phones are durable

Samsung is sharing new details about how it tested the durability of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. However, it’s not clear exactly why the company is sharing this information now, especially given the launch of both phones in August.

The South Korean giant appears to be trying to allay concerns raised by recent reports of cracks in the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s screen.

In a video posted on its website, the company shows four separate tests. One test shows the phones are in an environmental room. Samsung tests phones in different climates to make sure they still work.

Another test shows phones being thrown into water. In the third test, the company uses a robotic arm to test the performance of the S Pen across the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The fourth test locks and unlocks both phones over and over again.

“We’ve spent years conducting thousands of experiments, drawing on diverse perspectives and developing a new approach,” the company said. As a result, we’ve been able to develop new materials like Armor Aluminum, optimizing components across the screen panel layers to maintain our highest standards of durability to date.

Environmental chamber tests ensure that features, such as video playback, and components, such as cameras, function properly in a variety of climates — from dry to humid and hot to cold.

Water resistance tests prove the high quality of the first waterproof foldable smartphone by testing even in different foldable modes, including flexible mode.

Through drawing tests with the S Pen, the company ensures the performance of the digitizer under the foldable display, including its foldable location.

To ensure that new foldable devices live up to its name, Galaxy Z series devices undergo rigorous folding tests to last more than 200,000 open and close operations – or about five years of use if closed and opened 100 times a day.

Enhanced folding tests reflect actual user patterns in real-world scenarios such as fold and open using both hands.

The company has offered such tests in the past. A video from 2012 showed a robot sitting on phones to test their durability, for example.

Samsung reviews some of the tests it uses

It is noteworthy that Samsung is not the only company to do this, as Apple explained its testing of the phone antenna in detail in response to the Antennagate scandal for the iPhone 4 and offered its laboratory to test the iPhone after it was found that the iPhone 6 is prone to bending.

The new Samsung tests don’t specifically address the issue of why the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s screens have cracks. There are increasing numbers of reports of cracks appearing right in the middle of the screen around the hinge of the phone.

9to5Google mentioned its experience with the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The editor said: I wanted to use the Galaxy Z Flip 3 review unit after a few days of non-use and was shocked to see that the ultra-thin glass had broken.

He added, “I haven’t dropped the phone in recent days (only once weeks ago).” I did not expose it to extreme heat or cold. I hadn’t touched it in a few days. So the shattered glass was a real shock to me.

A Reddit user posted a similar issue less than three days after owning the phone. Another said his phone screen cracked within 24 hours.

One of the biggest questions about Samsung’s foldable devices has always been their durability. Especially after the delay in the release of the original Galaxy Fold device due to the failure of the screens in the review units.

The issues reported with cracks show that there may still be some issues for the company to solve. This is to ensure that its foldable phones are not broken in the long run.