Sherine Reda explodes a surprise about her qualification in Egypt: “Preparatory”

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The Egyptian actress Sherine Reda said that the artist, Ahmed El-Fishawy, wanted to marry her, but she refused.

This came in her question on the “Duplex” program with Abla Fajita, broadcast on ON channel.

Regarding the strangest misfortune that the artist experienced, “Reda” said: There is a young man who said that my name is Muhammad and I have 25 and I want to marry you, to continue that this young man is the young man in her life now.

About the tattoos on her body, she mentioned that she has 9 tattoos on her body, all of them are pine, and added that “the perfect gift is diamonds.”

Regarding her academic qualification, Sherine Reda mentioned that she is her academic qualification in Egypt as preparatory, adding that she had fallen into high school in Egypt, but she traveled abroad to complete her studies, but in Egypt it is middle school. To track down “Caro”, saying “her education is not recognized.”

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