Shoukry: Egypt “does not give any weight” to Ankara’s statements and is closely monitoring the Qatari media

Shoukry: Egypt


Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, archive

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that his country “does not place any weight” on Ankara’s statements regarding the “Philia” forum held in Athens, indicating that the aim of the forum is cooperation and good for the people and not confronting anyone.

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Turkey responds to the results of a forum in which Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Greece participated, under the title

In a televised interview on Friday night, Shukri said, “We are surprised at Turkey’s response to the” friendship “forum, but we did not pay attention to this matter and did not give it weight.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said yesterday that “no forum in which there is no central Turkey in the region and the Turkish Cypriots can constitute a successful and effective mechanism of friendship and cooperation in terms of the tests the region faces.”

Regarding relations with Qatar, Shoukry stressed that Egypt is committed to any document it signs, respects its obligations and fulfills them, pointing to Egypt that has restored diplomatic relations with Qatar and abolished the flight ban, and sought to hold meetings between bilateral committees to discuss specific steps to activate the terms of the “Al-Ula Agreement.”

The Foreign Minister stressed that Egypt is currently assessing the extent to which there is commitment to the pledges by the Qatari side, and it also monitors on a daily basis everything broadcast on media channels from the State of Qatar so that it is subject to review.

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