Sohag train accident in Egypt .. How did the tweeters react?

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The pioneers of communication through the hashtags # Sohag and # Egypt interacted with the incident, which led to a number of deaths and injuries.

One of the tweeters said: “(Help us people die) …. It is not a petition sent by the victims of the Sohag trains only today to save them from death … but an entire people sends it to the whole world from 7 years ago while surrounded by the specter of death from negligence, corruption, oppression, and the robbery of their money, freedom and dignity. … Oh God, reward us with good in our misfortune, have mercy on our dead, and heal our affliction. “

Another tweet posted a picture of President Sisi commenting: “How will God throw all this blood in your hands? How will you stand before the mighty of the heavens when he asks you,“ Do you not fear God, or God’s dream of you has deceived you. “.

A number of the desecrated people called for blood donation in hospitals near the accident, as Mughrd wrote: “Urgent: blood donation in Tahta General Hospital and the University and Sohag General, and the hypocrisy for the victims of the horrific painful accident .. post and reach all .. I wish to retweet.”

Another tweet posted pictures of the rows of those coming to donate blood, commenting: “The originality and strength of the Egyptian people is to show the time of crisis … The youth of Sohag, the men are now donating blood to those affected by the Sohag train accident and a rush of citizens to help.”

Many of the tweeters wrote expressions of condolence to the families of the victims, as one of them wrote: “There is no strength or power except with God, the Most High, the Almighty … following the accident of two trains colliding in # Beloved Egypt … We ask God Almighty to have mercy on the dead and to bring them into His spaciousness and to inspire their families with patience and solace and to hasten Healing the injured .. Amen, Lord of the worlds .. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.

A number of tweeters criticized a recent talk by Sisi, in which he said, “The ten billion countries devote themselves to developing railways. If you put them in the bank, they would receive 10% interest, meaning one billion pounds a year.”

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued a number of directives to state agencies following the Sohag train collision, regarding uncovering the circumstances of the accident, holding those responsible accountable, caring for the injured and compensating them.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health stated that 32 people were killed and 84 wounded in the accident, and the security services rushed to the site of the accident in the Al-Sawamiah village of the Tahta Center, north of Sohag. Media sources said that the Egyptian Minister of Transport, Lieutenant General Kamel al-Wazir, had ordered the detention of the two train drivers.

The Railways Authority indicated that unknown persons used the emergency brakes, causing the first train to stop and the second train colliding with it from the back.

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