Specific advertising periods between series on “MBC Egypt”

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Channels management confirmed «MBC Egypt »that it will adopt the policy of advertising periods specified through its screens inside Egypt, so that the advertising periods and breaks are consistent and compatible with the programmatic and dramatic content that is presented around the clock during the month of Ramadan, with the aim of providing a greater space for fun and entertainment,

At the same time, achieving the best effectiveness for the channel’s advertisers’ partners, confirming their commitment to providing a distinctive television and advertising service, as announced by the channel group. The channel displays a series of exclusive dramas and programs during the month of Ramadan, including “Meat deer”, “Qasr al-Nil,” “Take your mind off Zizzi,” “Kings of Al-Jadana,” and “Ramez Jalal” programs, and “Happening in Egypt” with Sherif Amer, And “The Story” with Amr Adib, and “From the Heart to the Heart” with Iman Riad.

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