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Suspicious secret activities – A raid seizes 3 million forged insulin needles

Details from an unlicensed warehouse belonging to a private medical complex revealed by “Sabq” sources

The field teams of the Environmental Sanitation Committee in the Jazan region, with the participation of other monitoring authorities, seized more than 3 million expired insulin needles, in a medical materials warehouse, in one of the governorates of the Jazan region.

In detail, “previously” learned from its sources that a field team secretly monitored suspicious activities inside an unlicensed warehouse belonging to a private medical complex.

The team began carefully monitoring the site, and coordinating with the security and control authorities to raid the warehouse. The raid was carried out and quantities of counterfeit medicines were seized, which were prepared for sale. Those involved were referred to the competent authorities to complete the necessary.

According to “previously” sources; A total of 92 pallets of expired medical materials were seized, containing 1290 cartons, and each carton contained 3,000 packages of disposable insulin pen needles and a full insulin needle, with a total of three million seven hundred and twenty thousand insulin needles, which were counted and calculated on the number of Packing by carton.

While the same sources indicated that two devices were found during the raid, to be used to re-mark the validity date for a new period of time (5 years) from the previous expiry date, and a very large number of new covers bearing the same shape, size and data as the expired product, were prepared with the new dates. .

It is noteworthy that the Environmental Sanitation Committee is composed of four specialized government agencies, which were formed under the direction of the Emir of Jazan Region; To activate the work of the Sanitation Committee, whose headquarters is the secretariat of the Jazan region, with direct follow-up from the region’s mayor.