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The biography of the artist’s marriages Suhair Ramzy – I remembered their number with difficulty but it’s all halal

The Egyptian actress Suhair Ramzy faced difficulty in remembering some of her husbands, and the chronology of her marriage to them, but she finally confirmed that there were 8 of them, and she was keen in the relationship with most of them that the divorce infallibility be in her hand, and the second wife was not for any who are they.

Ramzy said during the first episode of her media appearance on the “Sira” program, yesterday; Her mother, the late artist Doria Ahmed, advised her not to trust men too much, and added: “I am already overly frank and very emotional, and my mother was keen to control my feelings, and she seemed right in some situations.”

The only trait that Suhair did not inherit from her mother is her extreme jealousy, and “why would anyone like Josie be so happy,” but in return she did not marry anyone who was not jealous of her, otherwise she would not have known him from the beginning, she said, and she commented laughing: I want a high oven…” But jealousy also caused the failure of a number of her marriages.

She confronted the Egyptian artist, Suhair Ramzy, who recently abandoned the veil after a long period of wearing it; Difficulty in remembering some of her husbands, and the chronology of her marriage to them, but the presenter of the program, Wafaa Al-Kilani, helped her to do so, in order to check the false information spread on the Internet about her biography, including her marriage to Sudanese artist Ibrahim Khan, and Ramzi confirmed that this marriage did not take place, and the relationship between them The courtship period did not exceed 6 months.

Suhair began reviewing the biography of her marriages and the number of her husbands on the “Sira” program, by saying: “I no longer remember their number frankly, but all of them are halal, and this is the most important thing, and the other thing is that the number is large because there is no confidence…”, and considered the continuation of her marriage for a long time from Her last husband, Alaa El-Sherbiny, is “a strange need…” stressing that the infallibility of divorce is in his hands, and the same was true with her first husband, unlike most of her former husbands.

Suhair Ramzy married the Egyptian composer Helmy Bakr at the age of 16, and her mother was keen to marry her off at this age in order to stay by her side and prevent her desire to work. And they separated because he did not want her to enter the field of art, she said.

The second marriage was to an important Saudi figure, who did not reveal his name, and married him during the period of filming the movie “Gossip over the Nile” in the early seventies of the last century, and their relationship lasted for four years, and the divorce occurred after that because she did not want to leave Egypt, join him in Saudi Arabia, and her third marriage She was from the Kuwaiti businessman, Muhammad Al-Mulla, for seven years, and the separation took place because of his excessive jealousy for her, which she could not bear, according to her.

The fourth marriage lasted one year from the Egyptian artist Mahmoud Kabil, and she described him as “respectable and very polite”, stressing that she had all the love and respect for him, but she felt it was difficult to continue with him, saying: “Either I live in a healthy way or not… O white, oh black…”

Suhair’s fifth marriage was with the Egyptian businessman, Sayed Metwally, for about 8 years, and she separated from him twice during that time. And she seemed dissatisfied with this marriage, and considered the decision to marry him a “mistake”, and she rushed to pay the price for it later.

And the seventh marriage was from the late Egyptian artist Farouk El-Fishawy, for five years, and they separated from each other twice, and returned to the association, then the third and final divorce occurred. In her films, the issue became difficult, she said.

Her last marriage was with Alaa El-Sherbiny, and she has been going on for 17 years, but she did not want to confirm the possibility of this marriage for the end of life, saying: “God knows best,” amid the astonishment of Wafaa Al-Kilani, so she added, “I hope we stay for the end of life, but this is a need of our Lord .. .”

Suhair Ramzy told for the first time the story of her marriage to Alaa, after the death of her mother in 2003, who appeared in a dream to one of her relatives, and she said to them: “I am upset with you. That was later during an Umrah trip that she undertook, and he was a partner in the tourist office that organized it, and cared for her a lot, and they met again during one of the times when she performed the pilgrimage, so that a rapprochement between them culminated in marriage.