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The cause of the global holiday is a change made by Facebook

A global technology company that analyzes the Internet revealed activity by Facebook this morning, which it believes led to the malfunction that hit the platform and its applications globally, according to “Sky News” Arabia.

In detail, the American newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal” quoted Doug Madhuri, director of Internet analysis at the Internet monitoring company Kintech, as saying: “Facebook apparently made a change – Monday morning – in the network’s routing information.”

According to Madhuri, this change affected the company’s DNS servers, which act as a kind of search system on the Internet.

Domain names such as are linked to digital Internet Protocol addresses used by browsers and web servers.

This comes as a message on the Facebook page indicated that there was a malfunction in the domain name system.

The domain name system is what allows e-addresses to direct users to the sites they wish to access.

A similar outage at cloud computing company Akamai Technologies led to the closure of several sites last July.

Madhuri said the change made Facebook’s DNS servers unavailable; This forced Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services to not connect to the Internet.

Facebook has experienced global outages previously, including major partial outages on April 14, 2019 and March 14, 2019. However, the current incident is the largest outage in the social media giant’s history.