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The death of a Saudi doctor and her colleague provokes a wave of sympathy in Saudi Arabia

Praises continued to a Saudi doctor and her colleague, because of a heroic act they did, which was their attempt to save two girls from drowning in the coastal city of Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia, before they drowned, Saturday.

Several doctors praised the late Afaf Felimban and her colleague Lina Taha, and their names have topped social media in the Kingdom since the news of the incident spread until Monday.

Dr. Azzam Al-Qadi said, in a post on Twitter, on Sunday, “May God have mercy on our virtuous doctor, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Afaf Felimban, and raise her status and dwell in the gardens of the highest paradise. She was known for her medical skills and high morals with her patients and her colleagues, and she was a balm for everyone who knew her.”

For his part, Dr. Suleiman bin Abdullah Al-Quwaifli mourned the late doctor, saying in a post on Twitter, Sunday, “Afaf Felimban died while she was at the top of giving and charity, as usual, saving two drownings, she and her friend, Lina Taha.”

In turn, Dr. Mishaal Al-Aqeel said in a post on Twitter, Sunday, “Whoever is used to giving and serving people until his death, God will perpetuate his memory with goodness among them and mock their prayers for him.”

Dr. Muhammad Felimban, the nephew of Dr. Afaf, recounted the details of the incident to the newspaper, “Okaz”, and said that she “was working as a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, and arrived in Jeddah last Thursday on her weekend to visit the family.”

He added: “While she was in one of the (chalets) with her sisters, friends, relatives and friend Lina Taha, she was surprised by an unusual movement in the middle of the sea, and she saw two girls wrestling with the waves about to drown, so she took the initiative with her friend Lina to try to save them, and their time was faster, so she left and her friend drowned.”

Al-Marsad newspaper reported that the Saudi doctor, who died, on Saturday, had “more than twenty years of experience in her field, and many patients looking for infertility treatment, IVF and endoscopic surgery (…) and was part of the medical team working in the hospital. Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib in the Olaya district in Riyadh.