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The death of a teacher in front of her students while performing a class in Riyadh

She fell suddenly and was taken to the hospital, and there she died of a heart attack

Today, a teacher in Riyadh died in front of her students in the classroom of a heart attack.

In the details: The father of the teacher, Sheikha, the legal advisor at the former Grand Mufti of the Kingdom’s office, Abdulaziz Ateeq Al-Mawash, narrates: My daughter “Sheikha” went to her school in a secondary school in Al-Suwaidi neighborhood in Riyadh, and after completing the third class and entering the classroom in a waiting class, she fell to the ground.

He added: Immediately, the school principal started the situation and, with the help of her fellow teachers, called the ambulance and took her to the hospital, but fate did not give her much time; Where she passed away of a heart attack.

He continued: Praise be to God, she died while fasting. As she was persevering in fasting on Thursdays and Mondays and the White Days as well, she died while fulfilling her mission in the teaching profession and providing a service to her country.

He concluded: All thanks to the school principal and her fellow teachers for their interaction with the situation and for accompanying Sheikha until reaching the hospital.