The Egyptian Ambassador to Canada meets with the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and International Development Committee of the Canadian House of Commons | Photos

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the Egyptian ambassador to Canada, met via video conference with Representative Sven Spingman, head of the Foreign Affairs and International Development Committee of the Canadian House of Commons, within the framework of the communication that the Egyptian ambassador makes with various decision-making circles in Canada to strengthen the Egyptian-Canadian bilateral relations in every country. Fields, and explain the Egyptian vision towards the issues of the region.

In a statement to Ambassador Abu Zayd after the meeting, he indicated that he is constantly keen to communicate with the members of the Canadian Parliament in its two chambers, the public and the sheikhs, to explain the developments that Egypt is witnessing in all sectors and to discuss ways to strengthen Egyptian / Canadian relations in a way that benefits the common interest of the two friendly countries and peoples.

He added that this meeting is of special importance for two reasons, the first is the deputy chairmanship of “Spengman” for the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Commons, which is the committee concerned with following up Canada’s foreign relations and has a great impact on the Canadian government’s stance towards international issues, and the second reason is the member’s membership in the Canadian Parliamentary Friendship Group. / Al-Masrya, and he was recently elected CEO of the group. This reflects the special relationship that binds the deputy – who belongs to the ruling Canadian Liberal Party – with Egypt.

During the meeting, Ambassador Abu Zeid reviewed the course of relations between the two countries over the past few years, who witnessed momentum that culminated in the important meeting that brought together the Canadian Prime Minister and the President of the Republic on the sidelines of the African Union summit last year in Addis Ababa, and the tenth round of political consultations between the two foreign ministries. Last October, the formation of the Egyptian-Canadian Parliamentary Friendship Group, in addition to the boom in trade and economic relations, according to which Egypt became Canada’s first trading partner in Africa.

The Egyptian ambassador was keen to answer the committee’s inquiries regarding Egypt’s assessment of the situation in Libya and Sudan, the developments of the Renaissance Dam negotiations and efforts to combat terrorism, in addition to discussing the prospects for development and technical cooperation between Egypt and Canada in the African arena.

Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid concluded his remarks by noting that the next phase will witness more interaction and cooperation at the parliamentary level between the two countries, revealing that he submitted an invitation to the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Commons to visit Egypt at the head of a delegation of the committee members as soon as possible after the end of the precautionary measures related to the pandemic. Corona.

Part of the meeting via video conference

Part of the meeting via video conference

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