The Egyptian Ambassador to Ghana praises the choice of an Egyptian for the position of Director of Trade in Goods at the Secretariat of the Continental Free Trade Zone |

Ambassador Imad Hanna, Egypt’s Ambassador in Accra, received the Egyptian economist Muhammad Ali Abdel Ghaffar, who was recently chosen as Director of Trade in Commodities at the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Zone, and congratulated him for his new position as the first Egyptian to be appointed to an African senior post. It was actually implemented in early January 2021.

Ambassador Hanna stressed during the meeting that the selection of a young Egyptian cadre for this high position reflects a great appreciation for the vast Egyptian experience, and Egypt’s active role in pushing for the entry into force of the agreement during its presidency of the African Union, pointing to what this comprehensive trade agreement represents from an important breakthrough on the road Continental cooperation to achieve Africa’s Agenda 2063.

In this context, Hanna highlighted the keenness of the political leadership in Egypt to provide all aspects of support to accelerate the pace of industrial development and support small and medium enterprises to qualify Africa to move towards an economy based on industrialization, and to achieve sustainable development by encouraging cross-regional infrastructure projects and employing the competitive advantage of all countries involved in The production process in a way that contributes to creating a common African market.

Abdel Ghaffar affirmed that Egypt is keen to achieve African integration, enhance trade between the countries of the continent and integrate it into the global trade system, and work to prepare qualified African cadres and competencies capable of meeting the requirements of this market through the forums, workshops and specialized courses it organizes for African youth in many fields.

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