The Egyptian Freedom Party: Small enterprises are the “gateway” to Egypt’s economic recovery

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Eng. Mamdouh Mahmoud, head of the Egyptian Freedom Party, praised the Ministry of Local Development’s announcement of financing 1779 small projects for youth within a month with loans of 333 million pounds, which contributes to strengthening the Egyptian economy and enhancing its activity.

Mahmoud added, in a statement issued today, that young people are the future of tomorrow, and their exit outside the idea of ​​employment and routine work is the key to creating a new investment and a treasure that bears the title of small enterprises, which carry a great importance in the advancement of the economy in many successful economic experiments around the world.

Mahmoud stressed that the government is striving to communicate with young people at all levels, and try to provide suitable housing for them, and finance them even at a fraction of the cost of their projects to develop them and put them at the beginning of the road.

The head of the Freedom Party confirmed that the idea of ​​financing projects met with great approval among all groups and was and is still a link between the small beginning and reaching the summit, and there are a number of bright youth models that, with effort and work, were able to actually achieve this.

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