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The European text is the only way to revive the nuclear agreement with Iran

The US State Department said today, Monday, that the European text is the only way to revive the nuclear agreement with Iran.

A State Department spokesman said the United States was ready to “expeditiously conclude an agreement” to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal based on proposals made by the European Union.

The spokesman, who asked not to be named, said Tehran had repeatedly said that it was ready to return to the mutual implementation of the terms of the agreement, adding, “Let’s see if their actions match their words.”

And a European official in Vienna said, earlier on Monday, that the final text of an agreement with Iran had been submitted, and it was left to the concerned capitals to decide, noting that the delegations participating in the nuclear negotiations would leave within hours, while the official IRNA news agency reported that Tehran was discussing the formula. The European Union submitted the nuclear agreement, and that the Iranian negotiators would return to Tehran with the conclusion of the Vienna talks.

Before that, Iran said it would provide additional views on the European text of the nuclear deal.

And the Iranian Mehr news agency had quoted a foreign ministry official earlier on Monday as saying that a stage had not yet been reached when it was possible to talk about the completion of the text of the nuclear agreement.

The agency stated that the official’s comments, whose name was not revealed, came in response to the Wall Street Journal, which suggested preparing the final text of the agreement in Vienna “in the next few hours.”

“Given that discussions continue on many important issues, we are not yet at a point where we can talk about finalizing the text,” he added.

However, the Iranian official stressed that “if the other side takes the appropriate decisions, we can quickly end the negotiations, but we have not reached this stage yet.”

Russia’s delegate to international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, said on Sunday that negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program “are going in the right direction,” adding that “the final text (of the agreement) is not European, but rather common, while the Europeans coordinate its multi-source ideas.”

Earlier, Ulyanov had said that he had met the European coordinator for negotiations on the Iranian nuclear deal, Enrique Mora, again on Sunday in the Austrian capital, indicating progress was being made. Ulyanov added, through his account on “Twitter”: “It seems that we are making progress .. let’s remain optimistic.”

Indirect Iranian-American talks are continuing with European mediation in Vienna, and a number of experts from France, Britain and Germany have joined the negotiating delegations, in addition to Iranian experts.

Little remains of the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China, under which sanctions were lifted on Tehran in return for restrictions on Iranian enrichment activities that the West fears could lead to the making of atomic bombs.

In 2018, then US President Donald Trump withdrew from the agreement and reimposed sanctions. For its part, Tehran has violated the agreement’s restrictions in several ways, including by rebuilding its enriched uranium stockpile.