The fact of Turki Al-Sheikh’s return to sports investment in Egypt

The fact of Turki Al-Sheikh's return to sports investment in Egypt

Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority and owner of the Spanish club Almeria, revealed the fact that he would return to sports investment in Egypt during the coming period.

He said in a statement posted on his personal account on “Facebook”: “I still repeat and repeat, I have nothing to do with investing in sports in Egypt, neither from near or far, and I did not own any company in this regard.”

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Turki Al-Sheikh as honorary president of an Arab club again

He added, “My relationship with Brother Saif Al-Waziri ended a while ago, and I have no intention of investing in sports in Egypt, neither now nor in the future.”

Al-Sheikh continued, “I hope that you will be accurate and not pay attention to lies and malicious rumors.”

He concluded: “Turki Al-Sheikh if ​​he does something he declares, and I have nothing to hide.”

The past hours witnessed the circulation of news indicating that Al-Sheikh would return to invest in Egypt, by acquiring 51% of the Al-Ahly Club sponsor, Estadat Company.

It is noteworthy that Turki Al-Sheikh announced at the end of last year that he had accepted the position of Honorary President of the Sudanese Crescent, after receiving a letter from the club’s management.

Source: facebook / Turkialalshik

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