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The Food and Drug Administration directs 8 guidelines when using a blood oxygen meter

The Food and Drug Authority directed 8 important tips and advice that it urged adherence to when using blood oxygen meters.

The Food and Drug Authority stated, through its official website, that medical blood oxygen meters measure the percentage of blood saturation with oxygen through a light sensor, without the need for acupuncture.

Important tips for using the device
The Food and Drug Authority called upon the use of medical electronic devices to measure the proportion of oxygen in the blood, to adhere to the following directives:

Communicate with the attending physician to know the correct way to use the device and the times needed to take blood oxygen readings.

– Do not use the device with other devices that are not described or recommended in the instructions for use and use the accessories specified and recommended by the device manufacturer.

For the best reading of the device, the person should be relaxed and in a comfortable position, with the palm lower than the level of the heart.

– The device shows readings higher than the true percentage of blood oxygen saturation for people who smoke, so smokers should contact their health care provider to find out the correct way to read the results of the device.

– Press the power key to start the device, but some devices work automatically when the finger is placed in the reading (sensitive) position.

Place the probe carefully and make sure it adjusts easily without being too wide or too narrow, or place the finger/toe in the oximeter position while maintaining its position.

– The main unit and its accessories must be checked, and regular maintenance of the device must be carried out periodically before use.

– Some devices may give incorrect readings, when unreliable results are noticed, the examination reading should be taken from another place, and in case of doubt about the results, consult a health care provider.

Before buying a blood oxygen meter
In this context, the Food and Drug Authority has clarified that before purchasing blood oxygen meters, the following tips and instructions must be followed:

Consult a doctor or a health practitioner about the type of device that is appropriate for the diseased condition.

– Ensure that the device has a marketing authorization from the Food and Drug Authority through its electronic portal.

– Ensure that there is a warranty on the device and the availability of after-sales services such as maintenance.

– Ensure that there is a user guide in Arabic to know how to use and care for the device

The Food and Drug Authority called for reporting problems related to medical devices and products through the website of the National Center for Medical Devices and Products Reporting.

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