The importance of the new delta in Egypt .. 10 benefits awaiting the Egyptians and 5 million job opportunities

Egypt is moving in every direction, with mega projects, most recently the New Delta, to cross a delayed period that lasted for more than 5 years due to the tensions that followed the events of January 2010.

The Egyptian government is also seeking to overcome a global recession due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, from here, along with the mega transportation projects and the infrastructure that are fully restructured, Egypt has launched the starting badge for the implementation of the New Delta project.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian Cabinet Information Center published an “infographic”, in which it explained that the Egyptian President had given the start signal for the implementation of the “Delta” project.

The center stated that the “Delta” project will be implemented after comprehensive studies conducted by teams from several agencies and ministries, after which it will confirm the validity of the project land located on the northwestern coast in the Dabaa axis area for cultivating all kinds of crops, over an area of ​​1.5 million feddans.

The most important information about the New Delta project

In the following report, we review the most important information about the New Delta project, and what is the return from it?

  • The New Delta project is built on 1.5 million acres.
  • The New Delta project aims to accommodate the population increase in the delta and the valley from young graduates in developed and modern villages.
  • The New Delta project aims to compensate for the loss of agricultural lands due to unjust construction.
  • Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi directed the completion of the New Delta project within only two years.
  • After the chief’s directives, the implementation phases were merged into one phase and the schedule was compressed.
  • The New Delta project relieves pressure on the delta and the valley and provides thousands of new jobs
  • The location of the project is distinguished, as it is close to the ancient delta, with a strong network of roads, and close to ports, which supports agricultural exports to international markets.
  • Studies confirm that the area can accommodate the cultivation of one million feddans and 100 thousand feddans, of which half a million is in the Egypt Future project, and another 600,000 feddans are in the El Dabaa axis.
  • President El-Sisi directed youth graduates projects to begin.
  • The implementation phases will take place in parallel between the parties that are involved in the project, from building roads, reclamation of land, drilling wells, sewage stations and electricity supply, to be completed within two years only.

A map of the national project, the new delta, near the Dabaa axis


For his part, Dr. Mohamed Al-Qurash, a spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, said that the Egyptian state, since 2014 until now, has been keenly interested in the agricultural sector to provide food security for the Egyptian citizen, because it represents the core of Egyptian national security, so there was a great interest from political leaders to expand in Agricultural system.

Al-Shark added, in statements, that the Egyptian state has taken care of all fields related to the agricultural sector, whether it is plant production, animal production, fish production, or the requirements that are used in agricultural production, explaining that the state over the past years has launched many major agricultural projects, such as The one and a half million acres project, and the million head livestock project.

The date of completion of the implementation of the new Delta project

A spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture indicated that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was assigned to implement the New Delta project over a period of two years, explaining that the area of ​​the Delta project is new and very close to the old delta, to provide all services to farmers easily and at the earliest time, explaining that this project aims to expand agricultural areas in the area, in addition to To increase agricultural, livestock and poultry production.

Al-Shark stressed that this project will have a great economic return on the Egyptian state, in addition to that it will provide more than 5 million job opportunities for the people of this region, indicating that this area has large fertile lands suitable for agriculture, and coordination has been made with the Ministry of Irrigation to provide the water resource. In addition, coordination has also been made by the Engineering Authority to provide the road network for ease of movement between regions.

He explained that all these factors will help in the expansion and optimum utilization of the country’s agricultural area, as agriculture in Egypt was limited to 5% of the total area of ​​the Egyptian state.

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