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The living martyr, we will not forget you – Mansi Al Ostoura

The hashtag “Forgotten Al Ostoura” topped the list of the most popular Twitter accounts, in Egypt and a number of Arab countries, on Wednesday.

This came in commemoration of the fourth anniversary of the Egyptian officer, Colonel Ahmed Saber Mansi, commander of the 103rd Battalion, who was martyred, along with a number of the battalion’s members, in an ambush in the “Burth Square” in the Egyptian city of Rafah on July 7, 2017, while responding to a terrorist attack on members of the armed forces. Egyptian in the Sinai.

Manar Selim, the wife of the martyr Ahmed Al-Mansi, was keen to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Al-Burth epic, in which her husband was martyred during its events in southern Rafah in North Sinai.

On Wednesday, Selim said on her official Facebook page: “7/7… the anniversary of the martyrdom of the heroes of Al-Barth, may God have mercy on them all… and Ali Ahmed Mansi’s sixth birthday,” and continued: “4 years have passed.”

The artist Amir Karara also published a picture of the hero martyr, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Mansi, and his companions, via “Twitter” and “Facebook”, and wrote on it: “We will not forget you… the heroes of Perth, the protectors of the homeland, may God have mercy on them.”

The Egyptian artist, Amir Karara, embodied the character of Al-Mansi in the series “The Choice”, which was shown in Ramadan before last.

The author of the series “The Choice”, screenwriter Baher Dowidar, also called on the hero martyr and his companions through his account on Facebook, saying: “Every year, you are alive with your Lord, receiving sustenance.. Oh God, honor their residence, raise their rank, and reward them with the best reward, O Lord of the Worlds.”

The series “The Choice 1” dealt with the life of Ahmed Saber Al-Mansi, commander of the 103th Battalion, and work alongside Al-Mansi’s tournaments showed many social and humanitarian aspects in his life.

After his martyrdom, Al-Mansi became an icon of courage, redemption and humanity.

Yesterday and today, Wednesday, Egyptians and Arabs commemorated the fourth anniversary of Al-Mansi’s martyrdom, with hundreds of text and video tweets, through the hashtag “Forgotten Al Ostoura”, in commemoration of the heroes of the Perth battle.

Through the hashtag “Forgotten the Legend”, Ghada Shabana wrote: “Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi and his companions… you have done well and your endeavors have been fulfilled, and you have occupied a home from heaven, we will not forget you until we meet… 7/7 the fourth anniversary of the epic of Perth.”

Marwa Al-Shazly tweeted: “On this day, July 7, 2017, the hero Ahmed Al-Mansi and his companions who sacrificed themselves in an epic whose memory was immortalized forever with letters of light… May God have mercy on the martyrs of Egypt… (Alive with their Lord).”

Osama Tawfiq said on Twitter: “Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of the legend, the hero, the martyr Manasseh and the martyrs of the Perth epic.”

And he added: “(The Epic of Al-Berth) will always remain in military history, as the best confrontations and will not be forgotten by history, and the last words of the martyr will remain in the minds (God is great, we answer their right, we die in their uniforms) .. He requested it and won its honor. I wish we were with them.”

As one of the participants wrote: “Nations will continue to boast about you, the epic of Perth 7/7/2017, the epic of the lions of Sinai, the forgotten men.”

Another said: “The living martyr is forgotten, not forgotten.”

The Egyptians also launched a hashtag entitled “Martyrs of Perth, unforgettable stories”, in memory of the martyrs of the ambush, which was addressed in the series “The Choice 1” in episode 28 of the work.

The hero Ahmed Mansi and his men set the most wonderful examples of sacrificing and redeeming their lives, after a despicable attack targeting the Al-Berth ambush south of Rafah, which was responsible for securing the 103rd Brigade in North Sinai, which was led by the hero Mansi.