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The Minister of Education reveals how Egypt provided educational services during the Corona pandemic | photo


Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education, said that Egypt was able, in light of the Corona pandemic, to provide educational services to Egyptian students at home and abroad, pointing out that the ministry has made a great effort in providing content and curricula on websites and platforms to provide educational services.

Dr. Tariq Shawky said during his speech today at the Human Rights Post-Pandemic World Conference organized by the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, that Egypt has put 50 million electronic exams in two years for our Egyptian students at home and abroad in various countries in the crisis of the Corona pandemic, while other countries have closed Educational process.

The minister emphasized that Egypt, if it was not the first country to succeed in providing educational services during the Corona pandemic, is one of the first countries that succeeded in dealing with the pandemic crisis and making education available to students, indicating that Egypt obtained in this matter the certification of UNESCO, UNICEF and the World Bank, and they praised With Egypt’s soldiers in the Corona pandemic.

The Minister of Education stated that Egypt is working to provide excellent and good quality education that develops students and improves the education system.