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The Minister of Transport witnesses laying the foundation stone and launching the “Long Live Egypt” project, Mansoura photo


The team, engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, and Dr. Ayman Mukhtar, Governor of Dakahlia, witnessed today, in the presence of members of the House of Representatives and Senate in Dakahlia Governorate, laying the foundation stone and launching the giant project, Long Live Egypt Mansoura, which is considered one of the largest residential and administrative development service projects at the level of the Republic.

The Minister of Transport confirmed that today is the start of the implementation stages of this important national project, which comes within the framework of the government’s political leadership directives to optimize the use of state-owned space in all capitals of the governorates that do not have a desert back, such as Zagaiq, Damanhur and Tanta to establish service housing projects that serve citizens, especially with The state’s policy is to preserve the green areas and the current agricultural area and work to increase it, explaining that it reflects the optimal utilization of the lands owned by the railway within the Ministry’s plan to exploit all potentials in the railway to maximize its resources to continue improving the service provided to citizens.

The minister added that the project is being built on a total area of ​​about 136,000 square meters and will serve the people of Dakahlia and Mansoura governorate and provide them with distinguished services, and it will constitute a civilized urban boom that combines the investment return and the societal return in a balanced, highly distinguished system that creates job opportunities and contributes to achieving the highest level of services. He pointed out that the project includes a group of distinguished lands in Mansoura and Talkha, and various residential, administrative, recreational and service projects will be established on these lands, providing the state with great developmental returns as well as the social return it has provided.

He explained that there is a study to develop the Zoo in Mansoura within the large project (Long Live Egypt Mansoura) and that a traffic study was made for the project in order to achieve the required traffic flow in the project area and the surrounding areas in addition to raising the efficiency of the existing and surrounding facilities of the project, adding that the cultural dimension of the project was taken into account. A culture palace will be established located on a main walkway in the French region, especially with the ancient history of Mansoura in the cultural field, pointing out that consideration has been given to preserving the green spaces in the project and the places with dense trees, especially durable ones, and that coordination has been made with all ministries that have land within the project in accordance with the general framework for exploitation State lands, which are ministries (local development – business sector – culture – irrigation and water resources – Dakahlia Governorate).

It is worth noting that the most important projects that fall within the scope of Long Live Egypt Al-Mansour (Mansoura Gate project on Talkha land consists of a commercial residential and entertainment tower, a public park, an administrative commercial tower and commercial residential towers, and the Mansoura Grand project on the land of the refrigerator, which consists of two commercial / administrative / Residential, and the Mansoura Plaza project on top of the Happy Land, housing and railway club, and it consists of an investment, administrative medical center, residential towers, a 4-star hotel, the Bride of the Nile Park, in addition to the Mansoura Downtown project on the French land, which is a residential, commercial and administrative project that includes the Palace of Culture, a commercial mall, residential towers, as well as a project The people of Egypt walkway, with a length of 1500 meters, extends from the Dakahlia Governorate building to Talkha Bridge.

Side of laying the groundwork

Side of laying the groundwork

Side of laying the groundwork

Lieutenant-General, Engineer Kamel, Minister, Minister of Transport, and Dr. Ayman Mukhtar, Governor of Dakahlia