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The Ministry of Justice refers lawyers to the Disciplinary Committee after making statements involving

The Ministry of Justice announced that it has taken the legal procedures to refer lawyers to the Lawyers Disciplinary Committee; To look into the violations observed against them, related to the violation of the legal system, and the rules of professional conduct.

The ministry stated that, in coordination with the Saudi Bar Association, a number of professional violations were detected, which required referral to the Lawyers Disciplinary Committee. To take the necessary legal measures against them, including making statements that contain incorrect information and misleading public opinion, in addition to violations related to the lawyer’s failure to protect the secrets of clients entrusted with them.

The Ministry indicated that any lawyer who violates the provisions of the legal system or its executive regulations, or the rules of professional conduct of the lawyer, or who breaches his professional duties, or who commits an act that undermines the honor of the profession, shall be punished with one of the following penalties: Warning, censure, or suspension from practicing the profession for a period not exceeding Three years, or striking off the name from the roll and canceling the license.

The Ministry stressed that within the scope of its competence and the competence of the Saudi Lawyers Authority, follow-up is carried out on a continuous and accurate basis for the proper functioning of the legal profession and the commitment of licensed lawyers to the regulations and rules regulating their work, stressing the importance of this profession and the great role played by the lawyer as a member of the justice system.

The Ministry also indicated that the emergence of some violating practices does not mean that members of the profession fail to comply with the relevant regulations. This confirms the development and progress that the legal profession has reached in the Kingdom.. Rather, they are individual cases, and the necessary system will be taken regarding them.

The Ministry of Justice refers lawyers to the Disciplinary Committee after making statements that contain incorrect information and mislead public opinion.