The most prominent issue … How can Egypt enter the space age with force? .. The head of the satellite control department answers

The talk show programs dealt with a range of important issues and topics related to internal affairs and global issues, the most prominent issues presented by the programs on Thursday evening, the most important of which are: How can Egypt enter the space age strongly? .. The head of the satellite control department answers.

Dr. Ahmed Farrag, head of the satellite control department at the Egyptian Space Agency, confirmed that entering Egypt the space age has become a matter not difficult. Rather, there is a spreading and localization of space culture in the Egyptian society through many axes, indicating that the law establishing the Egyptian Space Agency granted it many Of the specializations, including participation in developing curricula and frameworks for disseminating space culture and supporting research and innovation in this field, explaining that an educational platform for space technology will be launched in April.

He added, during an intervention with the media, Aya Abdel-Rahman, in the “Al-Haqiqa” program, which is broadcast on Extra News Channel: “A national space program has been drawn up, which sets the roadmap for Egypt during the next ten years in the field of space. Space technology in all educational levels, and we will work to discover excelling in technology, in schools of outstanding students in mathematics and technology, and we have had many visits to these schools and will start with them next summer, and workshops for them to teach students the possibility of a small satellite or a model that simulates a natural satellite But in a simple way. “

He said: “We will organize a competition between schools and the most distinguished students will be selected, as well as many initiatives sponsored by some civil society organizations. For universities, work has started since 2015, and in cooperation with Benha University, more than 500 students have been trained in practical training on some satellite models.” He pointed out that outstanding students in summer training are being worked with them on their graduation project in the space field.

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