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The port investigation – The spokesperson for the victims families makes a surprising request

Some families of the victims of the port bombing considered that this video may have been filmed under threat, in order to confuse the investigation.

In the video, Hoteit appears reciting a written statement, late on Friday night, while observers suggested that “pressure” had been exerted on the speaker, especially since at the end of the video, Hoteit looked up as if someone was to his left.

Sky News Arabia tried to contact Hoteit to find out the truth of the video statement, but it was not possible to contact him.

In information obtained by “Sky News Arabia”, one of the victims’ families revealed that the Hoteit family was able to communicate with some of the victims’ families, and a message was left that gunmen were in Hoteit’s house at night and asked him to read the statement.

It is worth noting that Hoteit is out of sight and does not answer his phone, amid efforts to find out the circumstances in which the video was recorded.

Commenting on the video, one of the most prominent faces of the victims’ families, Joe Noon, told Sky News Arabia, “We were all surprised by this recording, which we received through social media, and we have repeatedly tried to contact our colleague Ibrahim Hoteit to no avail, and a statement is expected in this regard. After consulting with all the families in the next few hours.”

worried about hottit

The father of the victim, Qaadan, expected that Ibrahim had been subjected to pressure, noting that the families of the victims all supported Judge Al-Bitar.

The son of one of the victims, the young Muhyiddin Mahiou, was surprised in his conversation with “Sky News Arabia”, the content of the statement and said, “We do not know what were the reasons that prompted Ibrahim Hoteit to issue such a statement late at night, and through the video, Hoteit appeared to be different. His habit and fatigue are on his face, and we do not exaggerate if we say that we are afraid of him.”

He added, “We have to wait to communicate with him, especially that he is a resident of the southern suburbs of Beirut (the areas under Hezbollah’s influence).

Mahiou explained, “The number of families of the victims of the port explosion is estimated at about 100 families, ten of whom live in the southern suburbs of Beirut, and Ibrahim Hoteit is one of them.”

In the context, the Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, reported that “Hotit denied being threatened, saying that what prompted him to this position was the blood that fell in the events of Tayouneh, and that he would leave his position in the committee, considering that there are people who support his opinion while others oppose it.”

At night, some families of the victims appealed through social media not to circulate Hoteit’s video, considering that Hoteit’s position may have stemmed from the pressures he was subjected to, and the goal is undoubtedly to divide the families and disperse them.

It is known that the committee headed by Ibrahim Hoteit, the brother of one of the victims of the explosion, was active after the explosion in sit-ins, escalating protests and monthly vigils, raising the voice for justice.

And recently, Ibrahim Hoteit was subjected to a physical assault by members of the guards of the headquarters of “Ain al-Tineh” (the official residence of Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri) following a demonstration by the people demanding the lifting of the immunities of those responsible.