The President is inspecting him today … everything you want to know about the project for Egypt’s future in the Western Sahara

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is inspecting this morning the agricultural harvest in the “Future of Egypt” project in the Western Desert.

Al-Ahram Gate publishes the following everything you need to know about the Egypt Future project:

It is located within the scope of the giant national project “New Delta” to cultivate one million feddans

It extends over the new Rawd al-Farag / Dabaa axis

It aims to provide high quality agricultural products at reasonable prices to citizens and bridge the gap in the local market

– The location of the project is close to export ports, airports and major hubs, which makes it an attractive agricultural destination for investors

– It aims to develop the northwestern coast region

– It aims to create new agricultural and urban communities characterized by sound administrative systems

Contributes to establishing industrial complexes based on fully-fledged agricultural production

– It is planned to use the latest mechanisms in sorting, packing and agricultural processing in the scope of the project

Provides more than 200,000 new job opportunities

The basic and administrative infrastructure of the project includes an integrated system for agricultural mechanization and irrigation

Equipped with the latest equipment and technologies to complete the various agricultural operations with high quality and speed

It includes thousands of pivot irrigation devices and 2 power stations with a capacity of 250 MW

The project includes an internal electricity network of 200 km

It is equipped with a network of main and secondary roads, with a total length of 500 km

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