The price of the dollar in Egypt today, Saturday, February 20, 2021 … the pound is winning

The average exchange rate of the dollar against the Egyptian pound decreased today, Saturday, February 20, 2021, in ATMs and exchange companies.

The money supply in Egypt grew by 1.5% in January compared to last December.

The Central Bank of Egypt kept the main interest rates unchanged, to remain the same for 3 months.

The annual inflation rate in Egypt decreased to a level that exceeds expectations, taking advantage of the decline in the prices of several commodities, including potatoes and tomatoes.

Dollar exchange rate today

According to a survey conducted by Al-Ain News, the price of the dollar recorded 5 different prices with a difference of 5 piasters – one hundred piasters – between the highest and lowest price.

Credit Agricole Bank came as the best bank to sell the dollar to for 15.61 pounds, while Bank of Alexandria came as the best bank to buy dollars from it for 15.66 pounds.

On the Central Bank of Egypt website, the dollar exchange rate was recorded at 15.6069 pounds for purchase, and 15.7067 pounds for sale.

The price of the dollar in the National Bank of Egypt (the largest government bank) recorded 15.59 pounds for purchase, and 15.69 pounds for sale, which are the same prices in Banque Misr.

Economic figures

The Egyptian economy indicators are improving despite the Corona pandemic, amid a state of stability in the exchange market in light of the availability of foreign currencies.

The dollar is expected to decline against the pound in the coming days, in light of official data on the rise in remittances from Egyptians abroad despite the Corona pandemic.

Remittances from Egyptians working abroad achieved a remarkable increase in 2020, which represented a strong support for the Egyptian pound against the dollar.

The Central Bank of Egypt announced that the country had received $ 27.1 billion in remittances from Egyptians working abroad from January to the end of November 2020.

Data from the Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics showed that consumer price inflation in Egyptian cities fell to 4.3% year-on-year in January, from 5.4% last December.

Euro and British Pound rates

The exchange rate of the euro against the pound recorded today, Saturday, about 18.9360 pounds for purchase, and 19.0640 pounds for sale.

While the sterling exchange rate recorded 18.8282 pounds for purchase, and 18.9517 pounds for sale.

Real, dirham and dinar

The average exchange rate of the Saudi riyal today, Saturday, in Egypt is about 4.1610 pounds for purchase, and 4.1878 pounds for sale.

While the exchange rate of the Emirati dirham was recorded at 4.2485 pounds for purchase, and 4.2765 pounds for sale.

The average price of the Kuwaiti dinar was 51.5166 pounds for purchase, and 51.9177 pounds for sale.

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