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The Public Prosecutor refers the accused of killing her friend and others to felonies

Today, Thursday, the Public Prosecutor ordered the referral of a girl, an adult and a child who are imprisoned to the competent criminal court to punish them for the premeditated and premeditated killing of a girl at the Kafr al-Dawwar Police Department. It contains knives, sleeping pills, and other items.

The accused took advantage of her friendship with the victim, so she met her under the pretext of visiting her, and as soon as she disturbed her, she summoned the other two accused, so one of them gagged her mouth and hit her on the head and the other applied to her neck, while the accused kicked several times to the head until her soul overflowed, and then stabbed her with a white weapon in different places Her body, they committed all this with the intent of killing her and taking her soul due to the injuries they inflicted on her.

This criminal offense was linked to a misdemeanor of theft; At the same time and place, they stole from the victim gold jewelry, sums of money, a mobile phone and other movables while in possession of the white weapons they had, in addition to two of the accused trying to hide the features of their crime by destroying a surveillance machine that was installed in the scene of the incident.

On the third of August, the Public Prosecution received a notification that the body of the victim had been found inside a medical clinic in a commercial center in Kafr al-Dawwar, where she was working.

The Public Prosecution’s investigations concluded that the accused had a friendship with the victim for four years, during which they worked at the clinic, and then, following disagreements between them – to distinguish the victim from the accused at work, and the deterioration of their relationship – the accused intended to take revenge on her by killing her. The victim had gold jewelry and sums of money from it, and she agreed with him to kill her, and she provided him with her picture so that he could identify her, the address of her workplace, and the dates of her morning and departure from him. She had to drink a drink that he presented to her to take her after she was unconscious in a tuk-tuk to a remote area in order to kill her after recovering the movables that the accused had claimed stolen from her. With it during the execution, the three of them agreed on that and prepared to kill the victim with sleeping pills, white weapons, and a sticky tape to muzzle her mouth. and other tools, and they determined to commit their crime a day when the victim would be alone in the clinic without the presence of the doctor who owned her in it. Close to the clinic waiting for the victim unconscious to come up and kill her.

When the victim refused to take a drink, she summoned the other accused surreptitiously during a phone call and ordered them to attend, then she lured the victim to a knockout in the clinic far from its door so that the two mentioned could be able to dart, and when the three of them fell asleep with her, the defendants muzzled her mouth and threw her to the ground and applied to her neck to suffocate her. With his neck, one of his arms and his chest, and while the victim took his last breath of suffocation, one of the accused was terrified and fled the scene of the crime, while the other prepared the victim and hit her head on the ground. After that, the two offenders extracted gold jewelry from the victim, her phone, a sum of money she had with her and a phone that was in the clinic, then they proceeded to hide the features of their crime, so they poured the hypnotic drink in it and washed his cup with water, and destroyed the wires of the monitoring machine installed in the clinic and smashed it, thinking that it had not recorded their crime.

This, and the Public Prosecution had established evidence before the defendants from the testimony of eleven witnesses, including the conduct of the investigations, the parents of the victim, the owner of the clinic, two employees, and the fiancé of the accused, who confirmed the hatred and jealousy she experienced towards the victim before killing her, as well as what was proven in the anatomical report. That the cause of the victim’s death and the injuries she sustained are consistent with the findings of the investigations, as well as what was proven in the report of the General Administration of Criminal Evidence of matching genetic fingerprints taken from hair clippings removed from the crime scene, blood samples and cells attached to the tape that gagged the victim’s mouth, and a blade The knife, the subject of the crime, and the clothes and shoes of one of the accused, along with the genetic fingerprints taken from the victim’s body, as well as the matching of the genetic fingerprints taken from cells found on the victim’s fingernail clippers with the genetic fingerprints of one of the accused.

This is in addition to the three defendants’ admission that they had committed the incident in detail, and what was proven by the Public Prosecution’s witnessing of what was recorded in the monitoring machines installed in the clinic before it was destroyed, from the appearance of the defendants entering it and the three’s perpetration of their crime as proven by their statements in the investigations, as they were confronted with those clips and admitted the correctness of their appearances, as well as On the phone of one of the accused, text conversations via WhatsApp between him and the accused revealed that they had agreed to commit the crime earlier than the date of its occurrence.