The secret of Egypt’s soft power with a girl in Kenya

Makram awarded the “Taa Marbouta” shield to Sarah during a meeting between them, praising the role it provides in the field of civil society and serving the regions most in need in Africa, especially in the state of Kenya, to become the best example of Egypt’s soft power abroad, according to an official statement of the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptians Abroad.

Al-Amin, who came to Cairo to attend the award, said in her interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “My honor from my country is a beautiful dream. I did not believe when I met the Minister of Immigration and her praise for the steps we have achieved in Kenya. She flooded me with messages of support and support to complete my project in Africa.”“.

The Egyptian girl had traveled to Kenya in the winter of 2018 to spend a vacation in the capital Nairobi. She wanted to visit non-touristy places as part of her tours, so she set out to “Kibera”, the largest slum in East Africa, and when she set foot on the place, she felt the need to intervene to help the parents and children..

Al-Amin added to “Sky News Arabia”: “When I saw the bad conditions in (Kibera) from simple homes, the spread of diseases and the scarcity of education, I decided to return again to them. Sending material aid is not enough, it is necessary to work between them to make a change.“.

The Egyptian girl left Nairobi, but soon settled again at the end of 2018, to get closely acquainted with the rest of the most needy areas in Kenya, according to her interview with “Sky News Arabia” and to identify the most prominent problems that the simple people suffer, such as the lack of clean water, caring for the sick and need. Almasa for schools in remote areas.

The “Happy Africa” ​​project institution explains its involvement in setting up a plan of priorities, saying: “We initially worked on digging several wells in villages in need of water. We used to meet with contributions from the Egyptians in Kenya and Cairo, and within two years we succeeded in implementing dozens of wells amid the joy of the people.”“.

Al-Amin believes that she has found her goal in life, which is the pursuit of community service and the provision of decent livelihoods for the needy, she has become friendly to all, a source of joy for children in poor neighborhoods in Kenya, especially after the official launch of her project and the tendency to provide medical aid in cooperation with Egyptian doctors in Nairobi.

The Egyptian girl went on to “Sky News Arabia”: “We performed many surgeries to save the lives of children who had suffered severe injuries to their bodies, with the participation of doctors from Egypt who refused to be paid for their work. The smile returned to the faces of the patients after the success of the experiment.”“.

The Secretary touched the suffering imposed on the precarious employment in Kenya during the outbreak of the new Corona virus, as the number of infections has so far exceeded 102 thousand cases, according to the Kenyan Ministry of Health, so the Egyptian young woman suggested implementing feeding programs during the first and second wave of the epidemic to those affected by the interruption of their work, and it was distributed inside Many poor villages.

The young woman, in her twenties, added to “Sky News Arabia”: “We are seeking during the recent period to establish the first Egyptian school on the territory of Kenya so that we can provide good educational opportunities to children who do not have the ability to afford the costs of education, especially orphans. We have a high ambition to achieve the matter soon.”“.

The “Happy Africa” ​​project Foundation intends to inaugurate a new headquarters in Cairo to become a spark of support for all countries of the African continent, confirming to “Sky News Arabia” that work is continuing in Kenya and next to it there is a plan to repeat the experience in a number of other countries.

Al-Amin concluded her speech to “Sky News Arabia” while carrying the shield of “Baltaa Al-Marbouta”, saying: “Obtaining a shield from the Egyptian government injects more internal enthusiasm, because it is a great responsibility that has become on my shoulders now I want to implement many times what we have achieved, especially with the promises of the Minister of Immigration.” With our support according to the available capabilities“.

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