The United Nations official praises the “economic reform” program in Egypt … Video

Elena Banova, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Egypt, praised the economic reform program undertaken by the Egyptian government over the past years.

Banova told Al-Youm Al-Sabea in her first dialogue since assuming her position that Egypt is strongly committed to achieving sustainable development goals, noting that this is evident in its formulation of Vision 2030, and that one of the most important measures taken by the Egyptian government in 2016 is the launch of the “economic reform program” “Adding that this program is one of the most important steps to achieve the path of the sustainable development goals in addition to the government investment in a large number of infrastructure sectors.”

“We have seen new roads have been established and new cities appear, and all these achievements have created economic opportunities for business sectors and individuals as well,” Banova explained, adding, “There are many investments in the agricultural sector.”

Banova praised the “Decent Life” program, saying, “We must refer to the great national project in the development of the countryside,” a dignified life “, which was established by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, with the aim of promoting the Egyptian countryside. The villages that have benefited from the project so far have reached 1500 villages and it is estimated that it will reach 4,500 villages and the program targets in the first phase 58 million citizens, which is nearly half of the population in Egypt. “It is confirmed” that this is the largest national project ever in the path of Egypt’s commitment to achieving sustainable development.

Banova pointed to the work between the international organization and the Egyptian government in pursuit of sustainable development, saying, “I would like to refer to the joint work between the government and the United Nations to accelerate the achievement of the sustainable development goals.”

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