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The United Nations reviews the experience of the Long Live Egypt Fund in organizing the largest convoy

Today, Thursday, the United Nations reviewed the experience of the Long Live Egypt Fund in organizing the largest food aid convoy in the world, which achieved 3 Guinness World Records.

This came during the conference held by the organization via video technology, with the participation of its various agencies and programmes, led by FAO, UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO, in addition to the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports on the occasion of the International Youth Day, under the title (Transforming Food Systems): Youth Innovations for Health People and Planet, highlighting the importance of youth participation for the success of this global effort and making their voices heard.

For his part, spokesman for the Long Live Egypt Fund, Mohamed Mokhtar, said during his speech at the conference that the fund’s success in organizing the largest food aid convoy in the world is a translation of the accumulated experiences it gained in organizing humanitarian convoys in general, adding that the fund’s management was keen to deliver support Food for more than one million eligible families in the various governorates of the Republic, in preparation for the winter of 2021, and even the provision of blankets and winter clothes to support these families.

He explained that the largest convoy in the world was a challenge to the fund’s team, whether by packing and loading more than 3,600 tons of dry food, 2,000 tons of poultry, as well as blankets and clothing, in just less than 3 days, in addition to managing a convoy of 480 truckloads. With full capacity, and the implementation of the requirements and international standards of Guinness in the conduct of this convoy, and the participation of 1,000 volunteers to distribute the contents of this convoy, leading to setting three world records as the largest aid convoy in history.

Mokhtar pointed out that the Fund also participated in the community dialogue, organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in preparation for the 2021 United Nations Food Summit to be held at the level of leaders and heads of state at the United Nations Headquarters in New York next September to take urgent measures to transform into sustainable and resilient food systems in light of crises. He stressed the Fund’s keenness to actively participate with various civil society institutions, agencies and international programs to achieve maximum benefit for eligible families from food support initiatives.

He pointed out that the Fund launched an initiative entitled “Bal Hana and Al Shafa” to participate in providing food support to the most vulnerable families, and through which it organizes periodic convoys to deliver foodstuffs to those who deserve it throughout the year, offering poultry, meat, dry foodstuffs, vegetables, canned goods, and fruits, to benefit from the initiative towards 8 million citizens throughout the year, in addition to benefiting from meat and sacrifices coming from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

It is worth noting that the United Nations celebration came with the participation of about 500 young women and men representing many youth initiatives from all over Egypt, where innovations, solutions and pioneering ideas submitted by young people will be reviewed in order to address the challenges facing our food system and address inequalities at the level of food security and protection of biodiversity.