The Vermont Case: Hopes of prosecuting harassers in Egypt are fading – Financial Times

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With the revelation of the Vermont case in Egypt, it was felt that a new era of stalking sexual harassers had begun.

The British newspapers covered issues of sexual violence in Egypt, the feasibility of British support for Bahrain, as well as the demonstrations that are spreading in many countries of the world.

“Fading wave”

In the Financial Times, Heba Saleh writes an article titled “Sexual Violence in the Arab World: The Egyptian Case Shows the Struggle for Women’s Rights.”

The writer says that with the disclosure of the Vermont case in Egypt, named after a luxury hotel in Cairo, a rape was said to have taken place, there was a feeling that a new era in which the state began pursuing sexual harassers with unprecedented force regardless of their social status.

However, that short wave of optimism has faded. The arrest of the witnesses highlighted the difficulties that activists in Egypt and the region face in pushing for more rights for women in conservative countries.

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