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To counter the new variable Omicron – Tips to boost immunity and prevent infection

After the emergence of a new mutant of the Corona virus “Omicron”, which is rumored to be highly contagious, people all over the world are feeling fear, and many countries have begun to return to adhere to all Corona virus protocols in order to prevent infection.

In light of the spread of new changes and mutations of the Corona virus, it is important to enhance immunity by changing your lifestyle, incorporating the right type of foods and following healthy habits in the long term, according to a report by the “Times of India” website.


How to boost your immune system

Apart from following strict coronavirus protocols, here are some of the ways you can revitalize your immune system as part of your lifestyle and not a temporary thing, understand that boosting your immunity is not an effort of one day or one week, it is a lifelong commitment Diet and lifestyle changes.

Be physically active

Keep your physical activity daily with moderate exercise, such as walking mindfully and as often as you can so that you not only complete your minimum steps but also increase your body’s immune response

Sleeping well

Several studies have shown that sleep is directly linked to the immune system, so if you are not sleeping well, this habit must be changed. It is important to get enough sleep to counteract the pathogens of infections and diseases.

Eat whole foods and avoid excess sugar and salt

Whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seeds are all rich in nutrients that help the body’s immune system. The antioxidants in these foods reduce inflammation associated with many health conditions and fight infections and diseases.

Stay hydrated

Our bodies require water to ensure our body parts function properly, with winter here coming many of us will make the mistake of drinking less water but remember that while water may not be directly related to your immune system, it will help your body do its jobs in the most effective way.

Control your stress levels

Stress is linked to weak immunity. Several studies have shown that increased levels of stress and anxiety can disrupt the body’s natural defenses, so don’t panic and try engaging in stress-reducing activities.

Have regular health checks

Get regular medical checkups to make sure you have good levels of vitamin D, calcium, iron and other essential elements your body needs to strengthen your immune system, and if you find any malfunction, treat it accordingly, and support your body with the right supplements