“Tourism Revitalization” is preparing to launch “Discover Egypt” by meeting Egyptian bloggers

The Tourism Promotion Authority, in a meeting with a number of young Egyptian bloggers and influencers who enjoy a large number of followers on various social media platforms, reviewed the tourism programs prepared by the authority as part of the tourism awareness programs that bloggers and influencers will implement by visiting a number of tourist and archaeological destinations in the governorates. Egypt during the coming period, in order to familiarize their followers with the tourism and archaeological potentials of these governorates, in addition to the customs and traditions of local communities, and to introduce them to their handicrafts and heritage.

This came in preparation for launching the “Discover Egypt” campaign, to develop tourism and archaeological awareness among all segments of society and stimulate domestic tourism.

These bloggers will publish photos and videos that express their enjoyment of the picturesque nature and the sunny atmosphere that these governorates enjoy, as well as visiting museums and archaeological sites in them on their personal pages on social media and various promotion and marketing platforms that are followed by millions, which contributes to encouraging their followers to visit these places.

These visits serve to familiarize citizens with the Egyptian civilization, antiquities and heritage that their country abounds in, and the tourism potentials that Egypt enjoys, within the framework of the Ministry’s interest in modernizing the promotion and marketing mechanisms and seeking the help of Egyptian bloggers and influencers, as they are partners in the process of tourism promotion to Egypt, and the involvement of society, especially youth in Building a positive mental image of various tourism destinations and products, which works to enhance the spirit of loyalty and belonging among the people of the nation so that each of them becomes an ambassador for tourism.

These bloggers expressed their thanks for the authority’s keenness and interest in organizing these visits, which will provide them with an opportunity to learn about the history and civilization of their country and involve them in the tourism promotion of their country.

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