Trilla capsized and its leader was injured on the “Egypt – Ismailia” desert road

A heavy truck “Trailer” loaded with iron cargo overturned on the “Egypt – Ismailia” desert road, near the “Ceramica Cleopatra” bridge in the Awal Police Station, the tenth of Ramadan in the Sharkia governorate, while its driver sustained bruises and wounds in different parts of the body.

The beginning was when Major General Dr. Ayman Matar, Deputy Director of Security in Sharkia for the southern and tenth sectors of Ramadan received a notification from Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Agouz, the superintendent of the first police station in the tenth of Ramadan, stating that a heavy transport vehicle “trailer”, loaded with an iron cargo, had capsized on the road “Egypt -” Ismailia “desert”, near the “Ceramica Cleopatra” bridge in the department district.

The accident resulted in the driver of the car bruising and wounds in separate parts of the body, and he was transferred to the “Belbeis” central hospital, to receive the necessary aid, while the effects of the accident were removed and the traffic flowed.

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