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Unexpected therapeutic and health benefits of coffee and tea

Coffee and tea are among the most consumed drinks around the world, after water, of course, and both contain ingredients that are beneficial to health, treat some diseases, and protect against infection with others.

The trees of the two drinks, coffee and tea, are grown in many countries of the world and their seeds and leaves are treated in different ways until they reach you ready to enjoy their taste and aroma, which a large part of the world’s population has become indispensable.

Here we review how these two drinks treat and protect against some common diseases.

1- Coffee: Coffee beans grow on flowering trees found in more than 50 countries around the world, including the United States, specifically the state of Hawaii, and then roasted, ground, boiled, dried, steamed, or steeped to make coffee.

2- Tea: More than two thirds of the world’s population drink this processed drink from the leaves of a shrub called Camellia sinensis, Camellia sinensis, and the leaves are usually boiled in hot water for a few minutes and then served hot or iced, according to each person’s preference.

3- Fermentation of tea leaves: Tea makers dry the leaves and crush them to extract their oils, then expose them to the air for a while depending on the type of tea they want to produce, which is called “fermentation”, in a chemical reaction that affects the flavor of the leaves and turns them brown.

4- Caffeine content in tea: The longer the fermentation period of the leaves, the higher the caffeine content in the tea. That is why green tea leaves are not fermented at all, it contains almost no caffeine, while in Chinese tea the leaves are fermented for some time, and the tea leaves are fermented black longer.

5- Fighting free radicals: Tea and coffee help the body fight free radicals through antioxidants, and radicals are chemicals that may destroy cells and cause disease, and the body produces them while converting certain foods into energy or when sunlight hits the skin.

6- Diabetes treatment: Consuming the two drinks is linked to a lower chance of developing diabetes, as coffee contains antioxidants that help keep blood sugar lower and more stable, and so does tea.

7- Prevention of Parkinson’s disease: Coffee and tea may help prevent this dangerous disease, which attacks nerve cells in the brain and makes movement difficult, and some studies indicate that caffeine can relieve early symptoms of this disease, and that drinking the two drinks helps protect brain of it.

8- Protection from heart disease: Doctors previously believed that heart patients should reduce the intake of tea and coffee, due to caffeine, but now it seems that they may protect against these diseases, as a study revealed that those who drank 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day were less likely to accumulate calcium. In the vessels that carry blood to the heart muscle.

9- Protect the liver: The liver benefits from a cup of coffee, and drinking 3 or more cups of it a day may reduce the risk of chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer, as coffee contains more than 100 different chemical compounds.

10- Reducing the incidence of stroke: A stroke occurs when the blood supply to a specific area of ​​the brain is cut off, and a cup of coffee or tea per day may reduce the possibility of this happening, because coffee may reduce inflammation and help control blood sugar levels, and drinking tea is also associated with Black reduces blood pressure, which may reduce the incidence of stroke.