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Verdict in Epic Games v Apple – Who won? Is the case over?

Today, a federal court ruled in the case of Epic Games v Apple over the dispute over the policies that Apple imposes on developers in its App Store, after months of litigation over Apple’s right to impose its own payments system within the App Store, in addition to accusing Epic Games. Games for Apple by monopoly and violating competition rules.

What is the final ruling in the case of Epic Games v Apple?

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the US District Court for the Northern District of California said Apple violated California’s fair competition laws by prohibiting app developers from directing customers or users to other ways to pay for their services.

The judge in Epic Games v. Apple also ordered Apple to allow developers to include links in their apps to pay in other ways outside of Apple’s payment system for developers, within 90 days of the court’s decision.

But the ruling in the case originally included a decision in favor of Apple, as the judge said that Apple did not have a monopoly on the mobile game market, and also said that Epic had breached its contract with Apple when it allowed users to Fortnite game Pay directly to her instead of paying through Apple Payments.

What does the ruling in the case of Epic Games v. Apple mean?

While the judge said in her ruling in the case that Apple does not exercise a monopoly, Apple must now allow developers to provide an option for customers to subscribe and pay directly to them, instead of paying through Apple’s system that imposes a fee of 30%, which means a huge loss for Apple. .

It is also expected that the ruling in the lawsuit will affect other companies that already have app stores, as Epic has also filed a lawsuit against Google for the same issues related to the commission it gets from app developers on the Google Play Store, a trial that will begin at a later time. From this year 2021.

Is the verdict in the case final?

Apple can still expect to ask a judge to block an order to allow developers to provide alternative payment methods to go into effect, and either company can appeal against the court’s decision to the Ninth Circuit of the US Court of Appeals, the three-judge court to review the decision, which is the process. Which can take a year or more, and after the Court of Appeals decision, either Apple or Epic can appeal to the Supreme Court.

What did Apple say, commenting on the ruling in the judicial dispute against APIC?

In a statement commenting on the ruling in its case against Epic Games, Apple said that the court confirmed what the company had been saying all along, which is that the App Store does not violate antitrust law, and added that Apple faces stiff competition in every sector in which it does business and that it believes that Customers and developers choose their products and services because they are the best in the world.

And what did Epic Games say?

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, said on his official Twitter account that he was not satisfied with the ruling, because it did not go far enough to allow companies to complete in-app financial transactions with their payment systems, and only allowed companies to direct customers to external websites to complete the payment. And the subscription, and Sweeney confirmed that Fortnite will not return to the App Store even after the implementation of the new rules, and also confirmed that the company will continue to fight for the benefit of developers and users.

The Apple App Store is considered one of the important sources of income for Apple, as the company’s revenue from the App Store revenue reaches nearly $ 20 billion annually, due to Apple forcing companies and developers to use its payments system from which it receives a commission from revenue by a percentage of 30 percent, a system that faces significant criticism and resistance from many developers.

Will Fortnite return to iPhones after ruling in the case?

According to Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, Fortnite will return to the Apple App Store when there is fair competition in payment within the applications, which did not happen, and Apple had also said that it had rejected a request from Epic to republish Fortnite on the App Store in South Korea. After the Korean government passed a law requiring app stores to provide alternative payment systems.

Criticism and resistance of Apple’s App Store policies

The new ruling in the case of Epic Games against Apple, which forces the latter to change the policies of the App Store, comes as the latest development in the problems facing Apple, as South Korea recently passed a law requiring app stores to allow customers to pay through multiple payment systems, and Apple announced the settlement of a case Related to the same issue for $100 million and allowing developers to tell customers directly that they can pay to sign up for their services via other payment systems outside of Apple Payments.

Earlier in the year 2020, Epic Games sued Apple, claiming that it violated antitrust laws through App Store policies, and Apple also claimed that Epic Games violated its developer agreements and App Store Guidelines by submitting Direct payment option on iOS devices in their Fortnite game.

I deleted Apple fortnite game The famous app from its App Store earlier this August 2020, claiming to violate the policies of the App Store, a decision that came after the developer provided a new feature or option for iPhone users, an option that allows players Buy V-bucks Which gives them additional benefits directly inside the game, bypassing Apple’s payment system, which Apple imposes on developers and gets 30% of the revenue, which prompted Epic Games to file a lawsuit against Apple claiming monopoly and violating the Apple App Store rules of competition.