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Vice President of Watan’s Future: The Future of Egypt Project is a completion of the wheel of mega national projects


Dr. Mohamed Manzour, a member of the Senate and Vice President of the Future of the Nation Party, praised President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for inspecting the project of Egypt’s agricultural future, which is concerned with reclamation of 500 thousand feddans along the Dabaa axis road in the northwest direction of the homeland.

He said, in a statement, that the Egypt Future project has a large number of benefits and advantages that will benefit the citizen on the one hand and the national economy on the other hand, most notably that it includes the cultivation of one million feddans, which will advance the sector to attract foreign investments and diversify investors, which contributes to Providing hard currency for the benefit of the national economy of the country, as well as providing thousands of job opportunities for young people.

The senator pointed out that the Agricultural Future of Egypt Project is one of the largest agricultural projects in the homeland, and about 500 thousand feddans will be reclaimed through it, in addition to its distinguished location close to various axes and roads.

Manzoor clarified that the wheel of gigantic national projects does not stop, and that was evident to everyone in the various fields of agriculture, industry, construction, cities, and on various axes.