With the registration link … 400 thousand doses of the Corona vaccine in Egypt

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Tuesday 23 February 2021

Egypt received the third batch of the Corona vaccine, bringing the total doses it received to 400,000 doses, varying between the Chinese “Sinopharm” and the British “AstraZeneca”.

The shipment of the Chinese Corona vaccine, Sinopharma, arrived at Cairo International Airport in the early hours of Tuesday morning, coming from the Chinese capital Beijing, and it includes 300 thousand doses donated by China to Egypt.

On December 10, Egypt received 50 thousand doses of the Chinese Corona virus vaccine, “Sinopharm”, a gift from the UAE.

On January 31, 50,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, manufactured in India, arrived via the UAE capital, Dubai.

And Sinopharm laboratories announced that the vaccine is 79 percent effective, and China is working to develop five vaccines against the Corona virus, while clinical trials in Brazil have shown that its effectiveness does not exceed 50.4%, which is much less than the percentage that was promoted previously, according to the BBC. “.

As for the British company, AstraZeneca, a partner of the University of Oxford, it announced that the effectiveness of its vaccine is seventy percent, but it can reach 100% in two doses.

And the Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, announced that Egypt had contracted 100 million doses of the new Corona virus vaccines, explaining that Egypt was about to receive 8.6 million doses of “AstraZeneca” vaccines, out of 40 million doses obtained through the International Alliance of Serums and Vaccines in Geneva, GAVI.

Zayed confirmed that the remaining doses will be received throughout the current year, and that all vaccines obtained are granted approval for emergency use through the Egyptian Medicines Authority and its affiliated laboratories, and to ensure the effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

The Minister of Health said that medical staff will be vaccinated against the Corona virus inside isolation hospitals for medical teams, while citizens will be vaccinated through 27 centers in the governorates.

On January 24, Egypt began vaccinating the first medical staff with the Corona vaccine, provided that the vaccination of chronic diseases and the elderly over 65 years of age will begin within weeks at vaccination centers in the governorates.

The vaccine will be disbursed free of charge to medical staff and citizens who are unable, and it will be for a small fee for the rest of the groups, and that the vaccine will be disbursed to all residents of Egypt, including 7 million non-Egyptian citizens.

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